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Virus Protection

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Your business is at risk if you do not have the latest version of Virus protection!

Viruses; the nighmare of of every business.
Theres no doubt about it viruses cause havoc and can even destroy a business.
Virus protection is absolutely essential but unless you have the latest defination files your virus protection is almost useless.
All modern antivirus prgrams can be scheduled to automatically update from the internet but if you don't know what to do call us and one of our IT experts will help you.

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If you have an infected system you could be spreading viruses to your customers systems - imagine how that would go down when it was discovered.
If you have a Virus problem or suspect you may have one, contact Unicorn IT immediately. We will test and rectify any infections discovered.
Although Unicorn IT recommends Symantec products to protect network systems and Norton for PCs or small peer to peer networks, we are also happy to work with your existing Virus protection software if you prefer.

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